Gilbert White & The Oates Collections


Unusual Plant Fair Follow Up 2014

The Emperor and the General – The story of a Penguin’s Progress 2014

9,788 mile Journey from the Antarctic: Emperor Penguin and Chick Unveiled 2014


Archive Press Releases

National Radio, TV and Press have featured the opening of the Oates Gallery, and the day itself received intense media interest.
Scott’s Legacy: Radio programme on BBC i player
Antarctic Mission: Who was Captain Lawrence Oates, BBC News
May 2010 Press Release  Oates Opening media release
May 2010 From HRH Prince Charles A personal message from Prince Charles
April 2010- Gilbert White Observes and Records Volcanic Ash 1783!!
May 2010 – Alan Titchmarsh & David Bellamy attend Patrons Evening
September 2010 – Gilbert White Who? Countdown to Launch

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