Visitor Comments

Regarding the updated displays in Bells Library and the Great Parlour:

” As people who work in Museums ourselves, my colleague and I were very interested on an earlier visit to learn that two of the main rooms in The Wakes were to have an exhibition makeover .  I’m happy to say that on our return a few weeks ago we were extremely impressed with the result.

We felt that the design of the two rooms was totally in keeping with the house . It was elegant and understated whilst at the same time giving a “feel” of a gentleman-scientist’s home. We found the interpretation level entirely appropriate for the general visitor, with no “dumbing down” or patronising. The hands-on activities were fun for all and very instructive.

Ravilious is a particular favourite of us both  so we were delighted to see that the graphic panels featured large illustrations of his from an edition of White’s “Natural History” (By the way, the display in Room Two of a library-style collection of many versions of this work was particularly inspired and inspiring….both informative and extremely decorative as objects in themselves).The panels were brave in the clarity of their picture-led information and the text was clear and accessible
Jane Dewey, May 2011

Other comments:

“Most interesting, and lovely restful gardens.
Mrs B- Berkshire. August 2009

Fascinating and wonderful place. A great atmosphere.
Miss L –London.  April 2009

I would like to thank all the museum staff for giving us such a lovely day when we arrived with five very wet children in half term for a visit. Top marks for: the Tea Parlour, the Family area where the girls were absorbed with your new worksheets, the half term actvities, the spacious garden full of interesting paths and hedges and corners and the no-fuss staff. Definitely a place to visit again.
Mrs S -March 2010

We would like to thank everyone concerned for their patience with our party of 11 who descended on you this afternoon. The museum exceeded expectations and the worksheet kept our children thoroughly occupied and absorbed so the parents were able to relax and enjoy the exhibits too…It was a very happy experience for all of us and our only regret is that we weren’t able to stay longer.
Mrs F- November 2010

The house is very interesting but the charming service and delicious food in the Tea Parlour excelled.”
Mrs R- Nottingham.  August 2010

A treasure on our doorstep.”
Mr P- Weston-Super-Mare.  April 2010

I’ve always wanted to visit this place. Out of this world!
Ms W- Devon. August 2010