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Car Park News

You may have noticed signs in our car park (located behind the Selborne Arms) about car park charges. After a turbulent year financially through the pandemic the trustees and staff have made the decision to charge for the use of the museum end of the Selborne Car Park, the proceeds of which will help us maintain the carpark and keep the House and Gardens afloat. 

Here are some of your questions answered...

When will it start? 

The signs are already up, but we won't start charging until the 25th June 2021.

How will it work? 

Your registration plate will be read upon entry and exit of the car park. Your first 30 mins are free then after that you will be charged. You can pay via an app, by text, online or via the phone. You don't have to pay on site you could pay once you've gotten home and have signal. All the info you need is on the signs dotted around the carpark.

Will the charges apply all the time? 

Yes, they will apply 24/7.

Parking is free if you are a visitor!  

When you buy or show your admission tickets you will be asked if you need your parking validated. You will need to give your registration number to the Front of House Staff who will ensure you are not charged.

What about the cafe? 

A price will be set that if you buy refreshments over that limit you will get free parking.

I was planning to visit one of the other Selborne businesses, can I get my parking validated there? 

The front part of the car park closest to The Selborne Arms is not our land therefore free parking still applies, however if you use the back museum section you will be charged unless you spend money in the museum or cafe.

I am a member of the National Trust do I get free parking?

No, although the hanger is owned by the national trust the car park is owned privately.

I visit Selborne for all the time and don't visit the House & Gardens! What can I do to make it cheaper? 

You can buy an annual pass (£100) which will exempt you from parking for one year. To purchase one email

Will I be charged if I attend an event at the house and gardens? 

No, we will ask for your registration details before hand or collect them as you enter the event.

But I live in the Village or am a volunteer at the House and Gardens! 

You should have received a letter or an email from us explaining how they car park charges apply to you. If you haven't heard from us let us know! (

We hope by introducing a small charge to our carpark that not only will the museum survive for longer, but that the carpark will be managed better and our visitors will be able to find somewhere to park more easily.