Village Car Park: Proposals for the Future

Where Are We Now?

In 2016, Gilbert White & the Oates Collections increased the size and quality of the upper car park at a cost of approximately £160,000. The intention was to create more space for visitors to Selborne. Since then, use of the car park has increased but much of this is by people who park in Selborne to walk or cycle elsewhere, which brings little benefit to the village and means that, at busy times, there is no parking for people who want to visit Selborne.

To address this issue and to generate income to cover our costs, we now propose to introduce car parking charges.

How Will this be Done?

We are minded to apply car park charges across the entire car park (the upper and lower sections). A contractor would be appointed to implement an ‘automatic number plate recognition’ (ANPR) charging system.

Charges would apply during the day (say, 09.30 to 18.30) and would be comparable to similar, rural car parks in East Hampshire and the South Downs. We are also considering an overnight charge. There would also be a system by which customers of the pub and museum/White’s can park for free. We appreciate that this might cause inconvenience to some residents and we will use our best endeavours to accommodate your concerns and your needs.

Why Are We Doing This?

The Covid-19 crisis has brought the fragility of the museum into focus and during this year, the trustees have developed an ambitious development plan to improve the financial sustainability and resilience of the organisation. Ensuring that we have sufficient income to cover our activities – including providing a car park – are a fundamental part of the strategy.

Your Views

We would just mention that, as the car park is privately-owned, there is no statutory requirement to consult the local community before introducing a charging regime. However, we want to be good and responsible neighbours and we want to benefit the community where we can. As a result, we are inviting comments on this proposal.

Unfortunately, because of Covid-19, we are not able to hold a consultation event (which was our original intention).  Instead, we are inviting you to respond to our proposal by giving us your views on our website ( by Sunday 22nd November

We cannot promise that we can accommodate everyone’s wishes, but we are serious about implementing a system that will generate the greatest benefit and least inconvenience to the village.

Take a look at our frequently asked questions, for more information click here.

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