Finally! Your chance to rifle through the pages of this fascinating manuscript without upsetting our librarian.
Gilbert White’s Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne has been freely available online as a text version for years thanks to projects like the Gutenberg project. However, it is only now that the full, original Manuscript, has become available online. Now is your chance to uncover the meticulous thought that went into the book’s creation. Your chance to view all of the edits and alterations that produced Gilbert White’s Masterpiece. Enjoy…
Navigating this Book
Turn the book pages by clicking on the left and right of the book edge or use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use the slider to quickly go to different sections. Use the increase/decrease icon to zoom in and out of the pages (you can also zoom out using the escape key on your keyboard). Move around the zoomed page using the mouse to left click and drag the page.



We would very much like to thank the illustrator – Amy Wiseman for her work and the following organisations:


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