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Photography Workshop

Tuesday 7th of December at 10:30am

A 2 hour session with photographer Daniel Tidbury

Photo workshops provide an opportunity for photography enthusiasts to dedicate some time to learning and practicing techniques while creating exciting images and meeting new people. It’s meant to be informal and fun; and it stems from my own desire to get out and take pictures when life is so busy otherwise. All you need is a camera; anything from a smartphone or digital compact through to a D/SLR will work.

Sessions take place at varying times throughout the week. We meet at the prearranged location and briefly discuss the session, set up cameras and put on the appropriate footwear etc. then set off for a couple of hours meandering and snapping anything and everything that catches your eye. Locations vary and include woodlands, coastlines, city/town centres, historical sites and conservation areas, suggestions welcome. There are no rules or restrictions, I simply offer tips and critique and offer assistance with technical questions or camera queries. It’s about having fun, stretching the legs and taking pictures. At the end of the session we regroup and share what we’ve captured and talk (sometimes over a pint) about what we’ve seen/done/learned. It’s very informal. 

Some sessions I will offer an optional theme to work within which offers a challenge designed to expand skills and techniques, considering composition and grids, perspectives, textures, leading lines, contrast, creating narrative as well as learning how to control camera functions such as aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and more.


13 available
Photography Workshop£35.00

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